Asus Zenfone AR to launch in 2017: Tango project infused

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the first smartphone infused with Tango project. And now, the second handset is reported to integrate this technology is Asus Zenfone AR.

Asus Zenfone AR – the second smartphone features Tango project

As you know, Lenovo Phab 2 pro is a smartphone equipped with Google Tango 3D camera technology and 35 AR apps. Tango will allow your phone to capture accurate 3D models of objects, rooms, and interiors. It is the Google’s project that implement augmented reality play in the devices. Thanks to Tango, your phone’s sensing camera can recognize places in which it has been before. Besides, with the infusion of Tango, you can track objects, locate physical spaces, navigate directions or even provide information of the object it’s seeing.

And after the Phab 2 pro, the Zenfone AR is the next smartphone that comes with this feature. Asus is famous for its laptop products, that’s why they want to apply Tango to make the smartphone outstanding from the other smartphones. Furthermore, Jerry Shen (Asus’s CEO) said ASUS fans should expect to see at CES 2017 a new ZenFone 4 handset (following the ZenFone 3), which will feature top of the line specs including in the photo department.

Last but not least, the laptop maker will present the world with a so-called “all-in-one” virtual reality device. The headset will come equipped with built-in cameras, sensors and controllers. So, this phone is really worth waiting for, right?

Asus Zenfone AR: predicted price and availability

According to the the company, the price will come at a competitive price with decent specs. They want to make a difference on their handset by applying high technology but still can reach a large target of customers. It is not until 2017 that you can see this new smartphone from Asus. If you want to try the AR technology, Lenovo Phab 2 pro can be a choice. Or waiting for the appearance of Asus Zenfone AR wouldn’t be too bad.