Smartphones May be Smarter than Us in 2017

The evolution of smartphones from communicational gadgets to personalized digital agents has allowed them to take over some very crucial aspects of Human life, giving rise to a much-heated debate regarding the differing levels of ‘smartness’ between man and machine in 2017.

While the former relies on inherent intelligence, the latter connects technology to an array of sophisticated functions, to perform several menial tasks and improve daily lives of their users. This has lead to the notion that the year 2017 will be the start of an era of computing intelligence where smartphones will take control of human life, and hence become smarter than man.

Our Smartphones May be Smarter than Us in 2017

A Secret Digital Agent

Smartphones might become a secret digital agent for consumers. If you provide them with data, smartphones would be able to guide you onto your next move. They will be able to interpret most of the upcoming decisions you are going to take. Soon smartphones might become the strongest market forces and entire technological eco-system may fall into their hands

Technology or Apps?

According to analysts, it is basically a mixture of both. With the improvement in technology, Consumers started expecting a lot from their smartphones. This has ultimately led to the creation of many new applications and software which will make smartphones smarter than us. Moreover, every day a new app, a new OS is being made or developed which has led to technology to expand double the expected rate.

Is it Good or Bad?

This is a big question for all of us. It would be good in so many ways like for e.g. if there is too much traffic out today, your phone would wake you up early and thus you can reach your office at a time. A proper guidance would be also present which would help us all in everyday matters. Applications would be able to provide electronic data for every item you have. However, the excess of everything is bad. Critics say that this way, crime would be smarter too and there would be no track of the crime and thus, this over-smartness in phones can be a trouble too.

Final Words

It is clearly evident that the improvement in Smartphone technology will make them smarter than us and that would bring about a great revolution in man’s life. We hope to see such smartphones within and after the year 2017.