The Future of Smartphones in 2017

Ever since the dawn of the twenty-first century, technology has been advancing at blistering speeds, with innovation and entrepreneurship reaching new heights, meaning that in the field of smartphone development, the sky is the limit. The evolution of smartphones is an immersing experience, and the year 2017 holds much promise for those who believe that smartphones are the future.

What does the evolution of technology hold for us in-store when looking at the future concept of 2017 smartphones? We divulge much more below:

The Future of Smartphones in 2017 - Features, Functions, Phablets, Price, and More Details

What’s Coming in 2017?

First of all, let’s take a quick glance on the upcoming phones of 2017. Samsung, Apple and many other companies are going to launch the best of their sets in the year 2017. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge, iPhone 7s, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Xperia Z7, LG G Flex 4, and XIAOMI MI7 are expected to come in 2017 and they would be the best smartphones in the market.

Features and Functions of 2017 Smartphones

With a wide variety of features, all these new phones will have an eye scanner option which will make them more secure and user-friendly. In addition, these phones carry the best cameras and an Ultra High Definition pictures and videos. Cameras are no less than 8-megapixel front and 25 megapixel rear. These cameras would be taking 3D pictures and recording 3D videos. With Optical Image Stabilization and Laser focus, these cameras are going to change the way you take pictures.

What’s more is the fact that all these phones have a huge battery which can run for over days. The charging is wireless and it’s 50% faster than regular wireless charging. Moreover, Smartphones are going to be way faster and reliable in 2017. Coupled with a RAM as high as 6 GB and an Octa-Core 3.0 GHz processor, the efficiency, speed, and processing power would be much faster and efficient.

The Future of 2017 Smartphones Will Be Phablets

The phones of 2017 are might be called “Phablets”. This is because of the bigger wide screen and an Ultra clear display. The screen size is expected to be no lesser than 5.5 inches. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have a 6.1-inch display size. Moving on to the storage capacity, these phones are expected to have a minimum storage of 32 GB and a maximum of 128 GB. However, Dual micro SD card slots would be available which can boost up the memory to even 256 GB.

Price Details of the Top 2017 Smartphones

Many more features are yet to be announced. The pricing range of these phones is between 750-900 USD. The release date is expected to be around the mid of 2017 around September.

It is clearly apparent that a whole new era of Smartphones is about to begin in the year 2017. We can expect many more features or many more devices in the upcoming years too.