What to Consider From the Top 2017 Phablets

Many grand phones are expected to launch by 2017, and with each New Year brings us some new exciting Phablets. These phones are going to provide users with an experience of tablets as well as smartphones while maintaining the idea of being functional.

Thus, these smartphones would most likely be regarded as “Phablets”, and the lineup from the top manufacturers in 2017 from the likes of LG, Samsung, Apple, and many more are sure to garner plenty of attention.

Below, we preview some of the top 2017 Phablets and all the reasons why you will want to consider these larger than life smartphones.

What to Consider From the Top 2017 Phablets

The Real Definition of a Big Display

Most top line Smartphones of 2017 are going to give a huge display size. Take the example of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which would give the screen size 6.1 inches. The LG G6 is another one in the row which is going to be almost 5.5 inches in the display. This huge size is expected to give users the ease of watching movies on a huge screen by the palm of their hand. Moreover, larger phones are easier to use by people who have poor sight.

4K Screen Resolutions

Yes. The larger the phone, the better would be the screen resolution. We can expect the smartphones of 2017 to give us an Ultra High Definition display. The real meaning of true 4K resolution would thus be defined. Additionally, there would be an amazing screen resolution which would provide users with an amazing photography and cinematography experience. Take the Example of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 edge which would give a class-apart resolution of 4096 x 2160.

Gaming in 2017

With the help of a UHD display as well as a high screen resolution, the smartphone gaming experience would be revised to a whole new level. Tech giants have claimed that there would an amazing gaming experience of users because of better screen size and an appropriate screen resolution.

Big Problems

Yes, these big smartphones have their own problems too. For people with small hands, they might find these phones harder to use. Moreover, these phones would be going against the one hand usage concept which would additionally bring discomfort to the users. Not only that, these 6-inch Phablets might not even fit into your pockets.

Moving on, battery drain might get high as you use these high-end smartphones with the Ultra HD display. So before considering all the other amazing features of these smartphones, consider the level of ease and any problems that might occur due to huge screen size and battery drainage.

Final Thoughts

We believe that these giant smartphones might be a great revolution in the smartphone industry. Additionally, there can be the solutions to these problems which are being considered such as the introduction of the bendable display as well as faster wireless charging. Further improvements and enhancements are expected in these Phablets too.