Will HTC Be Manufacturing the Next Nexus Smartphone in 2017?

HTC is a smartphone manufacturer which started off very well and produces a range of smartphones in its M and One series each year. Over the past one and a half year, HTC has been facing a tough crisis over the huge failure of its smartphones. However, Google has planned to be the doctor for HTC as the next 2017 Nexus smartphone which is rumored to be manufactured by HTC.

Below, we give you a glimpse inside what we’re hearing may be the 2017 HTC Nexus smartphone including everything to expect.

Will HTC Be Manufacturing the Next Nexus Smartphone in 2017?

What to Expect

Despite the fact that HTC does not have a good market right now, we still expect HTC to come up with excellent hardware. Rumors state that the new Nexus might be the one lifeline which could help HTC in getting back to the top. HTC might come up with a nexus just like that of the shape of its M9. A sleek and stylish device with the metal body could just be the new Nexus.

Additionally, we can expect that new Nexus could be around 5.5 inches and the display would present a true HD resolution to the users. Moreover, the new nexus is rumored to feature an Octa core 2.5 GHz processor with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830.

Rivalry at its Peak

Yes, with the evolution of smartphones by 2017 we can see a tough time for HTC. Samsung, Apple, LG and many other companies are making up the best smartphones of 2017. So if HTC has to bring up its market and have high sales with good consumer responses it should design the new Nexus in line with the competitors. The top features of 2017 smartphones include the wireless charging, retina eye scanner, dual micro SD card slots, 3D cameras etc. So this ultimately leads to the fact that if HTC has to bring up a Nexus phone and “hit it in the market”, it definitely needs to do a lot of development to make it up to the level of users.

Good News for HTC

The good news for HTC is that Google might enter into a 3-year contract with HTC and thus HTC would produce a Nexus phone each year by 2016, 2017 and 2018. This is a good chance for HTC to revive up from its long drawn downward trend in sales.

Will HTC Be Able to Do it by 2017?

Google has thought of something before entering into a 3-year contract with HTC. This definitely means that HTC would be able to ace it. Moreover, this is one last chance for HTC to prove itself to the market. If HTC loses, this time, it won’t be able to revive again. Thus, we expect HTC to provide us with a top edge Nexus phone by 2017 which would bring about most of the market. Further improvements and updates are expected in the upcoming HTC’s Nexus.